cPanel Reseller Guide:

To make a cPanel Reseller, which is reselling LitePanel hosting please read the following:

Login to your hosting provider Client Area, if they have one. If your using LitePanel go to

Whether your hosting provider is using a control panel like Hepsia, Plesk, Webmin, or cPanel, you need to go to your File Manager or login to your FTP Client.

After this, it is recommended you design your own website design for your homepage or find an amazing template at .

After you have a homepage design setup and working (not needed) you can proceed with the following:

Make a new file called whatever you want, you should make it something like cpanel-signup.html because it would be the signup page.

After you make the file, place the following code inside of it:

Click here to view the code

You can login to your cPanel at

Or if you dont want the URL for cPanel you can use a domain made for cPanel for resellers,