How to use LitePanel's WordPress Reseller Program:

1. Create a free account on LitePanel.Net by doing the following

Go to our homepage at and at the top right of the page, click Client Area.

After clicking client area click Login to SB Admin

Once you have logged into Superb Admin, on the left click cPanel and then click + New cPanel Account.

After you successfully fill out the form, check your email and click the link provided sent by LitePanel Hosting Activation. This message will most likely be in your spam folder.

2. After you enable your free hosting account, you will need to continue by doing the following

Go back to where we started, the homepage at

Click Client Area at the top right

This time instead of logging into SB Admin we will be logging into cPanel.

Click Login to cPanel, or you can click Login to SB Admin then click cPanel and then Login.

After you completed that, type your username that was emailed to you in the username textbox. Your username was not chosen by you and was automatically generated

,do not use your site name to sign in because it will not work. Your username starts with LTERE_ And it can be found by checking your email after activating

your account successfully. Type your password you typed to sign up in the password textbox.

3. After you are successfully logged in,

Scroll down until you see Softaculous Script Installer, or you can search for it in the search box at the top.

Click on the button that is referring to the script installer, and then proceed to do the following.

Search for WordPress in the box and then enter the information you want to have for installing the script such as your Admin Username, password, etc.

You will need to enable WPMU, to do this click the checkbox which is next to the label saying Enable WPMU (Multisite).

It is suggested for an easier experience to enable Classic Editor as well, but this is optional.

Choose any theme you want for your website.

Click Install.

4. In the admin panel of wordpress, on the top left make sure you are not on your site and your on Network Admin.

After that, go to settings and make sure it is enabled for users to make sites and register accounts

5. Success!

You can now customize the interface of your website! Users can register free wordpress hosting accounts at (your domain name here)/wp-register.php